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Civilization III

Software Update:

Civilization III Update Version 1.21g

This patch upgrades Civilization III to version 1.21g, matching the PC version 1.21f and fixing some Mac-specific bugs.

This update requires Stuff-It Expander. If you don't have it, you can download it free by clicking HERE.

Installation Instructions:

Once you have downloaded the patch, simply double-click on the file to unStuff it. Then double-click on the unStuffed file and follow the directions to apply the patch.

Download the update: Civilization III 1.21g Update


I was running the game on a Mac with 64 MB of RAM before under OS 8 or 9, but after I installed the new patch, I keep getting Out Of Memory errors.

In seeking to keep parity with changes to the PC code, we have determined that version 1.21g really requires 128 MB of RAM to run properly. It has been tested, and should run on a 64 MB system, but will do so quite slowly. See the Minimum System Requirements section above for more about how to work around this if it is an issue for you.

I heard there was going to be an Editor with this game, so I could make my own Maps and Scenarios. Where is it?

The Editor is available for free download. Download it HERE.

I used the Quartz Text Display function, and my game is running really slowly, or some of the text looks strange. What do I do?

Quartz is for enhanced screen rendering in OSX. Sometimes bolded items in menus will stay bolded for a few seconds longer than normal, or game performance will become slow. You can turn off Quartz rendering in the Game Options Startup Screen to solve this problem, but please be aware that this procedure will mean that you are no longer taking advantage of the advanced screen rendering properties of Quartz.

Why is my saved game loading so slowly?

Don't worry if loading a saved game takes a long time, or if the progress bar pauses for a few seconds. This is normal for "classic" operating systems from before OSX. Please note that under OSX, load times are improved due to OSX's improved file system.

I'm running OSX, and the game is crashing with a 'Civilization III has unexpectedly quit' error after it plays a cutscene.

We are working to correct this. In the meantime, users can check the "Don't Switch Resolution for Movies" item in the startup dialog box to prevent this from happening. As soon as a solution is available, we will post it here.

Under OS 8 or 9, the game is crashing on occasion.

While many things could be causing this to happen, we have determined that the current patched version of Civilization III may be prone to crashing on some systems running OS 8 or 9, with the File Sharing option turned on. If you are experiencing this problem, either try deactivating File Sharing, or try running the game under OS X, if you are able.

When I fight a battle, I can't hear all the sounds, as though some of them are dropping out. What gives?

On some computers, some sounds may drop out a bit, especially during combat sequences. We are currently tracking this problem and as soon as we find a solution, we will post it here.

I don't hear any of the in-game music.

We are aware that some users are experiencing this problem. We are working on a solution, and as soon as we have it available, information will be posted here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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