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Software Update:

Halo 2.0.3 software update (Universal Binary Version)

This update will update the 2.0 and 2.0.2 versions of Halo to 2.0.3. Issues addressed in this update:

This update also improves performance for PowerPC based systems and some Intel systems, fixes graphical errors, custom multiplayer game type issues and also allows the program to run properly from a case-sensitive drive.

This update works ONLY with the Universal Binary version.

If you have the PPC version, we currently do not have an update. We're evaluating the option of a PPC update, but currently do not have a timeframe for that decision. If you would rather not wait you can download the UB for $5 from MacGameStore and apply the 2.0.3 update.

Download the Update: Halo 2.0.3 update

Universal Binary Release:

Creating the Universal Application required extensive rewriting of the Halo code. As a result, MacSoft cannot release the Universal Application as a small, downloadable update. Owners of the original Mac version of Halo have 2 options for acquiring the Universal Application.

  1. MacSoft will send out a new Halo disc to owners of the original version of Halo. To receive a new disc, you can send MacSoft a photocopy of your Halo registration code number, along with your return address and $9.95(US) for shipping and handling. A new disc will be mailed to you.

    Also, for anyone who purchased the non-Universal version of Halo for Mac after January 1, 2006, MacSoft will waive the shipping charges. Just send your request along with your registration code, your return address, and your original, dated sales receipt.

    Send your request to:

    13755 1st Ave N, Suite 500
    Plymouth, MN 55441
    ATTN: Halo UB

  2. For users who would prefer to download the new version, it will be available at the MacGameStore. Again, owners of the original version will have to supply their registration number. Charge for the download is $ 5.00(US).

    This is a very large download and is not recommended for those with dialup Internet access.

    To purchase the downloadable Halo Universal Binary, go to:


My gamepad doesn't work with Halo. Why?

You need to have Halo version 2.0 or newer in order to enable gamepad support. If you do not currently have the most recent update installed you can download it from one of the links near the top of this page.

When I run Halo on my Mac, I get a message that says that my processor is below the minimum system requirement and then the program quits. How can I bypass this?

Hold down the "P" key on the keyboard while double clicking the Halo game icon, and the game will bypass the message. This error message will also occur on some Macs that are above the minimum system requirement due to an incorrect value being returned by the hardware.

After installing Halo, I double click the game icon, the screen goes black and then returns to the desktop after a second. What's up?

The shaders folder is missing files or is missing altogether. To fix this, copy the shaders folder from the CD into the Halo folder on your hard drive. If prompted that the shaders folder already exists, click "Replace."

NOTE: Don't copy the shaders folder from the cd if you have already updated the game.

Does Halo support Full Screen Anti-Aliasing?

Halo does support Full Screen Anti-aliasing. However, you may experience some minor graphical anomalies with this feature enabled.

Frequently Asked Questions:

There are currently no known F.A.Q.s for this title.